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Food is life. At The Help Center NC,  we strive to ensure that no senior experiences hunger. We do this through our Meals on Wheels and Support Services programs as well as referrals to other agencies and food banks. For many, meals are also an opportunity to socialize with  church groups, volunteers or with the delivery driver. Through our database with over 7,000 resources, we can connect seniors to a variety of food assistance programs in the County.

There are also options for our seniors who maybe looking for a ride, a place to stay, exercise programs, information on support groups, housing, activities and more is available on our information and community resource data base.


Emergency Assistance
We provide crisis relief to the elderly, children and their families through communities where severe malnutrition has been identified. Mobile Feeding, Food Baskets and Toiletries

Mobile Pantry
The Help Center uses a mobile feeding truck to deliver hot meals and food baskets to those in need on a monthly basis. Our trained volunteers and staff will distribute meals, toiletries, groceries and bibles directly from the truck to the people in (Franklin, Vance, Granville, Warren Counties).

Youth Enrichment
To Facilitate Education through after school and summer enrichment program by providing a large “high-value” food ration that stimulates enrollment in school and prevents dropouts in the attendance of classes.

To Improve Communities by offering training and educational programs that will help families help move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Help Pack Buddy Program
The Backpack Program provides a backpack full of nutritious, ready to eat or easy to prepare foods that is sent home on weekends and holidays with children at risk of hunger. Backpacks include foods such as peanut butter, tuna or chicken, calcium enriched breakfast bars, macaroni and cheese, low-sodium soups, canned fruit packed in its own juice, raisins and calcium fortified pudding cups. School teachers and counselors say the children often tell them this is the only food in the house for the entire weekend.

our partners

The Help Center NC has partnered with local Food Pantries and Food Banks to assist you with food assistance.
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