The Help Center NC has been on the front lines of the war against poverty and hunger in our community. Hand and Hand with our partner agencies, we are creating lasting transformational change. Every dollar donated to The Help Center NC goes towards ending hunger by feeding the poor and provide spiritual support to families that are in a crisis situation.

The Help Center NC Mission – The Help Center NC was established in 2016, for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, advocating for the poor, elderly, children and their families by providing the tools needed for families to become self-sufficient through our training and educational programs. We are a community ministry that made the decision not to focus on one particular community but to sacrificially help those in need by serving county areas (Wake,Raleigh,Durham,Franklin, Vance, Greensboro,Halifax,Warren ,and

Granville) in response to the vision that God gave our ministry. Our program design will assist with food, housing referrals, resources to enhance the physical, social, emotional, and economic health of our poor and homeless citizens.

The Help Center NC Philosophy – Our strategy programs builds on our mission and vision of the organization to meet the basic human needs which include public human services activities that strive to accomplish the following goals: Monthly mobile feeding, summer feeding and enrichment activities for our youth. Also, provide food baskets and support services for our elderly, countywide. In addition, we will process community information and referral services to reduce the duplication of services, and enhance communication between those in need and the available resources. We believe our program will not only meet the basic human needs but spiritual needs that will help move families from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Have questions or need help?

HELP/SUPPORT : Contact us at 919-391-7300 /833-241-4082 to speak with a helpful representative or email info@TheHelpCenterNC.com


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